Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Rape

It was dark and raining. The wind was blowing onto her face. She was running with all her might. Fear and despair filled her face. She knew that they were behind her and quickly gaining on her. Still running, she turned her head to see the two hefty figures behind her, running, ready to pounce on her. And then it happened. Suddenly, she found herself in a small puddle of water. She could feel the weight of one of her pursuers on her body, pinning her down helplessly. The stench of tobacco in his breath was unbearable for her. His hands moved on to the pallu of her saree. She screamed at the top of her voice. Her cry for help was silenced by the ghastly wind, as if it had joined the evil laugh of her other tormentor.

All this while, another man was closely watching the scene from a little away. He knew exactly what was happening before his eyes. As soon as the man reached for the woman's saree, he screamed in a loud voice that was heard above the voice in the background,

"Cut!!!! Pack up!!!!"

And the director walked towards the actors with a satisfied smile on his lips.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

It's raining...

It has been more than a month ( 5 weeks to be exact) since my transfer back to my home district. After spending the last three years in Alwaye with some of the best friends one could get, I was sure  the change would be drastic. I also knew that it would take me quite some time to get used to the new schedule, to the new place, the new faces, new colleagues and everything. Most importantly, I would be staying with my parents and commuting to work from there daily. Now, after a month, when I look back, I must admit that I was wrong on many a things. Today, as I walked back home after a movie, I decided to pen down the changes that had happened over the past few weeks.

* For someone who used to wake up at 8.30 AM in the morning on office days, I get ready and leave for job by 8.30 now. No more late nights too. All those days of late night football, movies and talking are over. By 10.30 PM, my jaws open wider than a hippo's and the very sight of the bed makes me fall onto it and romance it!

* Earlier, I rarely used to go to the movies. I always liked them in the comfort of my bed and laptop. Even when my friends used to go for 2-3 movies every week, I always had excuses for not joining them. I used to average 1-2 movies per quarter (Yes, we bankers measure time in quarters)! Now, including the one I saw today, it has been two in a span of 10 days!

* I've decided to get back in shape and stay healthy. Say bye bye to the pot belly. Today, I've bought myself a swimming cap and goggles. I'm thinking of taking an early morning swim EVERYDAY! Well, for that I will have to wake up even earlier. To take it notch higher, see the next point!

* Hold your breath! I've decided to start studying!!! What or rather For What is still a question mark! But it would be preparations for either the Civil Services or GMAT. Only time will tell. And as usual, I've ordered a new set of books from Flipkart. They have made quite a lot of money out of my unpredictable nature!

* My search for a fresh avenue is still on. Job applications are being forwarded at a very high rate. For someone who was arrogant that he cleared all the job interviews that he ever attended and that too with stars, I'm nursing the hurt ego from the last two outings. After flunking an interview and an MBA exam in the past one month, I've decided to be a little more serious while approaching things. Let's see for how long!

* Finally, I've decided that I will get back to reading and writing. I've made a personal promise of publishing at least one post per week here.

FootNote: The monsoons have arrived here in Kerala with a bang. Nothing is more beautiful than Kerala during the monsoons! But the daily commuting to work is a wet affair!

ToeNote: I will be older by an year in a couple of days. Oh man, am I suffering from the later half of the twenties syndrome?!

NailNote: I've been watching some really good movies lately including classics, Korean, Italian, Iranian. So far, I'm enjoying it to the core. I still  have a lot more in my collection to watch.