Sunday, January 20, 2013

Social Etiquette Vs Brutal Honesty

When you have to choose between the above two, which one would you choose? The social retard that I am, I chose the latter. And see what happened!

Case 1: A few days back

Tring Tring

I pick my phone. The screen displays the name Ms. X. I pick the call.

X: Hi! (Excited)
Me: Hi
X: Uh? Hmmm. I called you to tell about my marriage!!! (More excitement)
Me: Okieeee (Read: longer than the usual)
X: It's on this 20th. It is at ABC. It's a Sunday. You should come. P knows the place. You could come with him........
Me: I won't be coming. It has been three weeks since I went home. Plus, have a theatre festival going on in my hometown. I want to be there too.
X: What?? You could have at least said that you would come and then, not have come.
Me: Is that what you wanted?


Case 2: A few hours back, over SMS

Y: :-) i hope u hv a better Sunday
Me: I doubt it.
Y: How cynical of u to crush my hopes for u to hv a better Sunday! Some ppl i tel u!

Still, I prefer to go by the latter. I rest my case.