Monday, August 12, 2013

Love, Sex aur Dhokha

For my friends who don't understand Hindi, the title means Love, Sex and Betrayal/Cheating.

"Why do you love me again?", he Whatsapped her. He loved hearing it again and again. And she gave him a different answer each time. But it felt good.

"Because.....I'm a sapiosexual. It's fun talking to you. I feel happy when I talk to you.", she messaged him back.

"And?" He was smiling.

"Hon...." Her words were like a partial moan.


"I love you"


"Yes! And I want to lie on your chest, listening to your heartbeat."

"And?" He wanted to hear more.

"Want to feel your stubble."

"I love you my darling"

"Feel your face with my fingers, kiss you on your chest, bury my face in your chest, get lost in you and not find myself...." She continued

"mmmmmm. I love that."

"Want to entwine my legs with yours..."

"Yes please. I want to bite your neck and shoulders and give you hickeys. Want to feel you, skin on skin." It was his turn to take the lead.

"Ohh yesssss." She purred

"I would turn you around and spoon you as my hand feels your body, running along your curves, feeling its heaves."

"Oh yes! Do that please"

"mmmmm" he purred back

"Honey. What are you doing now?" She asked naughtily.

"What do you think?"



"Want to continue with this?" She inquired

"Yes. What do you want?" He shot back

"I think I want it now." She was grinning

"I want to feel him grow hard in my hands. I want to feel it. Warm and hard." Another message.

"He's all yours, hun. Wet?"


"Want me to do something about it?"



"I'm waiting" She pinged again

"What would you like?" He asked.

"Your call. I like a lot of things. :-P "


"Find out for yourself" She was taunting him now.

"Why don't you lie down while I strip you down to nothing?'

" :-) Already on my back"

The frequency of the messaging was increasing.

He - Pulls down your bottom. And looks at you with a grin on my face.

She - Grabs and pulls your hair.

He - Kisses you on your navel

He -  And then your knees

She -  mmmmmmmm

He -  Runs my tongue from your knees to your inner thighs

She -  :-)

He -  Bites into your thighs

He -  Bites you on top of your panties

She -  Mmmmn

She -  Hon...

He -  mmm?

She -  I want you.

He -  I too want you, my love

She -  :-)

He -  What do you want?

She -  I want you :-)

He -  And???

She -  And what?

She -  I want you here.. Now

He -  mmm?

She -  I m wet for you.

He -  I want to be there

He -  Not doing anything about it?

He -  Maybe I should slide down your..............................

"Did you wash up?" She asked.

"Yes. You?"

"I just did" She replied. "Baby. I love you sooooo muchhhhh. Mwaaaahhhh :-*"

"I too love you. :-* :-* :-* "

She kept her phone aside as she had to take the Sambaar, which had been making till now, off the stove. She had been toiling in the kitchen till now. 

He folded The Hindu and stretched his legs onto the railing of the balcony. And he took the other newspaper in his hands, ready to devour it from the first page to the last.