Sunday, July 19, 2015

28 Things I Learnt From Life

On 4th of this June, I turned 28 years. I'm nearing the fag end of my twenties (though I don't look a tad bit my age), and anxiously waiting for the 30s tag. Also, this June, I complete a decade of blogging. What started as a craze for html codes and website building led me to blogging. Back then, blogging was mostly unheard of. Last year, around this time, I came up with Being 27: The Pre Birthday Random Musings, which was 27 random things about me. This year, on the realization that Age is a high price to pay for Maturity, I've decided to write about 28 things that I learnt from my life so far. And yes, Happy Birthday to me!

1. In life, contrary to popular belief and faith, a lot of people get by with shit. Accept it, and deal with it.

2. Admit it if you're wrong. It's never too late for an apology. Sorry might be a difficult word to say, but say it when you're wrong. And when you say it, mean it. Own up your mistakes. Never be a coward.

3. Money isn't everything, but it is really something. It's necessary to save some. And it's useless to cry over the money you lost.

4. Some things are not worth fighting for. Some things are better off when you let go.

5. Life is not always fair; in fact, on most occasions, it is grossly unfair. Learn to deal with it.

6. Back to basics that we learnt as a kid, but chose to forget. The basic necessities of man is indeed food, water, and shelter. He can do without internet connections, or mobile coverage, or social networking sites. But clean water, clean place to live, and clean, palatable food are the basics. Recent experiences reminded me that.

7. People do some crazy things for friendship. Much, much more than for love, or any other relationships. If you've a friend like that, treasure him/her, no matter what.

8. You’re never too old to need your mom.

9. Another basic lesson I learned while growing up - Health is Wealth. Even a constipated stomach can give you a constipated mind. Money spent on prevention, especially Medi-claims, is a wise investment.

10. Never lie to your doctor. Also, when it comes to health, always get a second opinion, no matter how reputed the first doctor is.

11. When in doubt, follow your gut.

12. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

13. Never build a relationship based on lies. There may be times when you will have to lie about some trivial things. But the very foundation on which a relationship was built should not be one of stone. You'll find it hard to keep it from tumbling down.

14. Some of the best moments in life are best enjoyed with little or no clothes - childhood, cold showers, swimming, a good bowel movement, and yes, sex too.

15. A lot of things in life is like the stock market. You might incur huge losses in the run. There's no use crying over the losses. Also, clinging on to losing stock in hopes of a reversal is mostly in vain, and foolish. Move on.

16. Don't live in your past. Move on. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is avoidable.

17. Never get yourself a haircut on the day before an important or special day. Get it at least a week before it.

18. If you’ve made your point, stop talking.

19. Nothing lasts for ever. Nothing. BlackBerry, I miss you. No phone can replace the relationship we had. The things I've done with you! Why did you have to screw up the things between us?

20. When your friend says that she can never conceive, "Yaay! You don't need to worry about contraception anymore!" isn't an appropriate or expected answer.

21. When you’re with new friends/lover, don’t just talk about old friends/lover.

22. God is the biggest excuse Man has invented, and Virginity is the most overrated virtue on this planet.

23. In life, it is important to be passionate. Everybody needs a passion. If you've not found yours yet, it's high time you did.

24. When travelling, keep your wits about you. You'll need in more than on one occassion. Trust no one.

25. At least once an year, take a vacation without your mobile phone, internet, and TV.

26. Life is so much simpler without the so called social networking sites. The friends you've are for real.

27. There's no cut off age to be an asshole. They are found in all age groups.

28. Behave to people younger to you and your subordinates the way you'd want older people and your superiors to behave to you. Give and take respect.