Monday, September 21, 2015


Movements in the hall woke her up from her troubled sleep. She slowly pulled herself out of the bed and took a deep sigh. She slogged her way into the hall, leaning onto the walls for support. It was dark and the lights were all out in the house. She could make out his silhouette at the head of the dining table.

"What's for dinner?", she mumbled in a barely audible voice.

"Justice", he replied in a straight voice.

She looked at him, startled.

"I served justice for dinner", he clarified.

She slowly walked towards to him. He nodded towards the plate in front of him. On it was a head, severed and bleeding.

Even in the dark, she could make out the face to which it once belonged. It used to belong to one of her tormentors. She took a fork from the stand on the table and poked it deep into one of its eye socket. It slid deep inside, as thick fluid oozed out of the corners of the hole.

She left the fork poking out of the socket and grabbed his face in her arms. She kissed it lightly with bruised lips and whispered slowly into his ears, "I'm still hungry!"


Lakshmi said...

I still cannot comprehend this post. Btw, You don't write anymore?

Manish Muralidharan said...

Maybe, to understand it, you need to be the post! Anyways, it wasn't meant to be understood.

I lost my writing box, just the way I had lost my "voice box".

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it wasn't meant to be understood, I am just saying I think I did.

Lakshmi said...

I hope you find your writing box soon, like you found your voice box back then.

Red Handed said...

:O I am a little lost but I am also scared.

Manish Muralidharan said...

Lost, I can comprehend. But scared?